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Extreme Performance

It's important to know this line is not for the majority of applications.  These batteries are made to fit some pretty demanding requirements, and some customers could benefit from this new line.

For those folks, we now have a lot to offer. Among the 7 products in this line, two batteries in the AGM 800 Series come with a 36-month free replacement (72-month proration) warranty when used in a  personal starting engine application. They're that good!

As you can see in the battery cutaway, this battery has a type of construction called Spiralcell technology, which features microporous glass separator material (AGM) to retain the electrolyte. Extreme Performance Batteries feature Optima Spiralcell Technology.But let's put it another way: each cell has more than eight feet of high purity lead plates (which are also taller than traditional plates) to produce more power!

So yeah, they're powerful. And they're completely sealed, so they are totally maintenance free. In fact, because of the AGM, even if the case is broken this product will not leak.  This is the ideal battery for folks with tough standards, especially those who demand vibration resistance. The Spiralcell design means there's virtually no vibration damage or plate shedding. This is truly an excellent product for vibration-heavy applications.


EXTREME Applications:

Fleet Vehicles like:
Police cars
Fire engines

Four-wheel drive
Antique cars
Vintage cars
Accessory-loaded vehicles
High-cycling commercial uses
Car stereo enthusiasts
Race cars
Street Rod cars
Transportable backup power


EXTREME Features:

*36-month free replacement (72 months proration) on 800S & 800DT available at nationwide retail locations.
Vibration Resistance
Virtually no vibration damage or plate shedding.
These products deliver 800 CCA at zero degrees
Specialty/ Seasonal Use
Low self-discharge rate makes it ideal for a variety of specialty and seasonal starting applications.
Zero Maintenance
Never needs maintenance.  And they're completely sealed so they are air transportable.
Fits a wide variety of vehicles and equipment and can be mounted in any position.
Even in the toughest temperatures, hot or cold.
Greater plate surface area and lower internal resistance allow less time for recharging; pure lead grid results in increased endurance.