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The KICKER Loudspeaker

An inside look at the incredible array of design and performance features that make KICKER the first name in bass-the most musical, most dependable subwoofers you can choose for your system.

  1. Rigid speaker frame (cast aluminum on Solo-Baric and XPL, steel on CompVR, Impulse and Freeair) provides precision alignment and dependable motor structure support.
  2. One-piece extended pole, a Stillwater Designs innovation, creates broad, symmetrical magnetic field for superior power handling, precise voice coil control, and very low deep bass distortion. Venting in the pole piece eliminates noise and distortion caused by huge amounts of airflow created by cone excursion.
  3. UniPlateTM construction combines backplate and extended pole piece in single unit to maximize magnetic efficiency and minimize alignment problems often caused by common two-piece construction.
  4. Black plating on Uniplate and top plate provides maximum heat dissipation for cool operation and extended voice coil life.
  5. Deep bumped back plate lets voice coil reach maximum excursion without bottoming-out.
  6. Advanced cone materials with superior internal damping mean ultra-fast transient response and super-low distortion. Cone is also very resistant to environmental extremes.
  7. Inverted Structural Dome (ISD) , a KICKER exclusive, replaces conventional dustcap and locks into cone for unmatched structural integrity and greatly reduced cone flexing/resonance.
  8. Tough, flexible surround with long-throw, positive-roll design controls extreme cone excursions and is highly tear-resistant.
  9. Stitched attachment makes separation between reinforced cone edge and heavy-duty surround virtually impossible.
  10. Multi-layer voice coil and Kapton(R) former create superior magnetic field and effectively dissipate heat.
  11. Double apex coil/cone attachment prevents separation.
  12. Durable resin-impregnated poly-cotton spider provides precise coil alignment and critical cone motion control.
  13. Heavy-duty terminals with built-in strain relief prevent speaker lead breakage and improve flex life of the high-power leads.
  14. Rubberized boot protects massive magnet structure from chipping or breaking.
  15. Front and rear gaskets insure an airtight seal.